A Two-Year Review of our Xfinity Mobile $12/mo plan

We’ve had Xfinity mobile for about two years now. I figured I was overdue for an update since my initial writeup.   Here’s Xfinity’s pricing info: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/learn/plan/details   Here’s our setup We get access to Comcast through my parents. I know; it’s weird. If I had Comcast in my area I would simply have my … Read more

State of the Blog – 2021 Edition

Here’s the third installment in my state-of-the-blog posts: My 2020 edition is here. My 2019 edition is here.   2021 Blog Stats: 382 WordPress / email subscribers 38% growth from last year (298) 317 Feedly subscribers: 10% growth from last year (288) 92,017 pageviews this year (33% less than 2020). 2020 pageviews: 137,594. 2019 pageviews: … Read more

2021 FreeTaxUSA is Live

FreeTaxUSA I’ve been using FreeTaxUSA for a few years now. Despite having the scammiest-sounding name in the world, their software has been great to me. Their business model is pretty straight forward. 100% free federal, $15 for state. Because I’m notoriously stingy, I use FreeTaxUSA for my federal return and use my state’s free self-serve … Read more