My low-cost investing crusade; some recent developments and maybe a victory?

Frustrating (but Important) Committee Work I was asked by my university to serve on a committee to help select “an expert consultant” to tell us what is wrong with our 401a/403b/457 plans. If you haven’t had the joy of serving on an administrative university committee before, you’re missing out. It’s about 10 times more inefficient/frustrating … Read more

Tax Loss Harvesting is Overrated

A friend of mine who reads this blog emailed me recently for advice about about tax loss harvesting (abbreviated TLH in this article). The allure and promise of TLH, to pay less in taxes, is indeed sexy. Who doesn’t like this promise? TLH is one of the major supposed value-adds of robo-advisors like Wealthfront and … Read more

2020 Tax Software is Live

The 2020 edition of FreeTaxUsa is now live (link). Despite the scammy name, it’s a great piece of software that I’ve used since 2016. They give the federal software away for free and charge a modest fee for state tax filings. Since I’m cheap (understatement of the century), I do my state filings on my … Read more

2020 Tax Calculator

Overview 2020 is almost over (good riddance!), so perhaps now would be an appropriate time to assess your 2020 tax withholdings for taxes due in April 2021. I find it slightly annoying that TurboTax & TaxAct don’t update their tax calculators until mid-late November, so perhaps my spreadsheet can fill the void for someone wanting … Read more