Happy Holidays 2019

As per tradition, here’s the card we sent out this year.


2019 FP Family Update

Family Highlights:

We got a dog. In a moment of insanity, we succumbed to our kids’ incessant begging and got a goldendoodle puppy named Ruby. The kids love her. The parents less so. We’re not looking forward to dog walks in negative twenty-degree weather next month and are hopeful that this experience will be a net-positive for the family.

National parks tour. We went on an 11-day camping trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks. Our favorite memories include an other-worldly pre-dawn 4am drive through the West side of Yellowstone, paddleboarding at the base of the Grand Tetons, and a 11.3 mile hike with 2,162 ft of elevation gain to Grinnell Glacer at Glacier. Our least favorite memories are overdosing on cup-of-noodles, 3am alarm clocks to drive to the next campsite, and the kids’ incessant complaining about everything (bugs, food, dirt, etc).

Year of medicine, part deux. Mrs FP, FC2, and FC4 all had surgeries this year. FC2 had her tonsils out. FC4 had an eye surgery. It seemed like we went to allergy shot and therapy appointments every other day. FP lamented the loss of another high deductible.

­­­Individual Highlights:

FP. Went on another 4-day backpacking trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming with three roommates from undergrad (20 years ago. What!?!?). Went on three climbing trips to Red River Gorge (KY), Colorado Springs, and Vegas. Continues to blog, nerd out about marginal tax rates, and bike to work year-round. Does not like living in a constant state of sleep deprivation or when the kids fight.

Mrs FP. Went on her second (Disney) cruise to the Bahamas with her parents and sister. Had fun doing a musical at church. Enjoyed her one month of freedom with all the kids at school only to squander it by getting & training a new puppy. Loves singing, reading, her new Purple bed, and hanging out with her family. Does not like trying to get everyone out of the house on time in the mornings.

FC1 (7th grade). Is having a great time in middle school with amazing friends at school and church. Rocked cross country this past fall (she really loved when she ran faster than the boys). Is an example to all of us in responsibility, working towards goals, and helping with chores. Everyone acknowledges that she is a big reason the kids earned a puppy. Loves playing the piano, reading, playing with her puppy, running, singing in choir, playing the clarinet, doing Science Olympiad, watching cheesy chick flicks or Psych with her mom and sister, and hanging out with her friends. Does not like art class and tests at school.

FC2 (5th grade). Grew crazy tall this past year! Started playing percussion at school. Read about 1,000 books. Continues to be a great friend to everyone around her and a good student. Loves reading, snuggling with her pillow, singing in chorus, drawing, watching cheesy chick flicks or Psych with her mom and sister, quoting books and movies, listening to audio books, snuggling with her puppy, playing the piano, hanging out with her friends, and reading. Does not like (or, more accurately, loathes) allergy shots.

FC3 (3rd grade). Developed a love for football this year and is a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Continues to create tournament brackets for his Beyblades, Pokémon, and football in which he plays against himself. Still loves time on technology more than just about anything else. Begrudgingly continues to take piano lessons. Loves playdates with friends, board games, sports, and playing the Wii. Does not like cleaning his room.

FC4 (2nd grade). Did a musical theater camp this summer and loved it (because she “loves singing and dancing the most and got to do both!”). Discovered graphic novels and reads them voraciously. Loves Ruby so much and spends most of her time at home playing with or snuggling her (or, more accurately, mauling her). Joined FC5 as a roommate to help with nighttime anxiety and loves having her brother to hang out with every night. Loves her teacher at school, giving compliments, snuggling, dates, singing, listening to music, coloring, and Ruby. Does not like practicing piano.

FC5 (Kindergarten). Started school! He was so excited the first day and was up at 6:15am raring to go. When we dragged him out of bed on the second morning he said, “I didn’t want to be waked up! I did school yesterday!” Discovered a love for art and comes home from school with a backpack full of pictures for the entire family. Continues to be a happy guy with a giant smile who gets along with all his siblings. Has his mom wrapped around his little finger. Loves sports, art, reading, technology, Beyblades, treats, and the Miami Dolphins. Does not like wearing long sleeved shirts and pants, even when it’s 0° (literally).

Love, the FPs

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2019”

  1. I’m still astonished that you got a dog, let alone a designer dog. It made me realize that you do not save money to the detriment of happiness. I’m strangely proud of you.

    • Yes, it was crazy.

      I’m convinced that the purchase price of a dog is a tiny fraction of the total cost of dog ownership. A “free” dog will still cost tens of thousands over the life of the dog. What’s another $1k at the onset?

      I hope I don’t come across as a miser on the blog. Rather, I hope to come across as easily satiated. There is basically no expenditure I can think of that would bring me more happiness.


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