32 Degrees Costco 8-pack Face Masks for $25 (online only)

It looks like the nation is gearing up to reopen. I remain skeptical it will end well, but we are planning on returning to work/school nonetheless. So are tens of millions of students in the US (excluding the entire state of CA apparently). My university is weeks away from inviting over 25k students back to … Read more 32 Degrees Costco 8-pack Face Masks for $25 (online only)

Financial Update – June 2020

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches Some interesting discussion on racism in the US: Trevor Noah (20 min video) John Oliver (33 min video) Tulsa Massacre (9 min video) Ted Radio Hour interview with scholar Clint Smith(52 min audio) All Around Champion 11-part TV series in which they gathered 10 top … Read more Financial Update – June 2020