“Overfocus” on Money

About 5-10 years ago a friend of mine called me out for being “overfocused” on money. I think that’s a reasonable observation for a person to make about me; even a close friend. But I think I have a reasonable counterargument. Which of the following two hypothetical people is “overfocused” on money? A person who … Read more

Debt Repayment Calculator

I put together a debt repayment calculator tonight. You can download it here (link). I’m sure there are infinite calculators available on the internet, but I enjoyed the modelling exercise. Yellow cells are inputs. Grey cells are calculations. I’m not really sure the demographics of this blog’s readers, but I suspect that most of you … Read more

Another BoA Efficiency Post

The first two quarters of 2020 are behind us. Good riddance! It’s been about 9 months since I last did an audit of the BoA’s credit card strategy and I was curious to see how it was going so I ran the numbers on the past 6 month of spending. Here are the highlights: Cash … Read more

Financial Update – June 2020

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches Some interesting discussion on racism in the US: Trevor Noah (20 min video) John Oliver (33 min video) Tulsa Massacre (9 min video) Ted Radio Hour interview with scholar Clint Smith(52 min audio) All Around Champion 11-part TV series in which they gathered 10 top … Read more

Why I love RSS readers

With the chaos in the country/world right now, I acknowledge that everything I could write about on this silly blog is entirely inconsequential. A few days ago it seemed to me that society was on the verge of disintegrating: Racial tensions are high following the recorded murder of George Floyd at the hands of police. … Read more

Financial Update – May 2020

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches Due to my lack of bike commuting, I haven’t listened to my usual podcasts this month. Consequently, my recommendation list is quite stingy this month. Also, my lack of bike commuting (and lack of climbing 3 days/week) has turned me into a sedentary individual. I’m … Read more