Financial Update May 2017

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches Wisdom from Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: Recent: Older: A WSJ reporter shares her infuriating experience of calling her financial advisor to figure out how much she was paying in fees (link). After a series of calls to different people (including company headquarters) … Read more

Net Worth Tracking Tool

A reader asked if I could make my financial update spreadsheet publicly available. Why not? It’s downloadable here: (link). How I update this every month in 5 minutes using Personal Capital: Extract balance sheet info from PC by carefully selecting relevant numbers, as shown below. Copy (paste special as values) into Sheet 2 at cell … Read more

Financial Update April 2017

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches I listened to an interesting podcast on strategies to pay for college (link). Cliff notes version: get kids to take ownership of college costs + get them to apply for grants/scholarships. Random thoughts from me: A more expensive college won’t necessarily lead to better life outcomes, … Read more


Investing/Tax Disclaimers This site is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing I write here or in the comments can be considered advice or guidance for investment decisions or, for that matter, any other decisions. For professional advice, you should always consult an investment advisor (who will charge you a >1% AUM fee) and/or accountant (who will … Read more

EITC Guest Post on GoCurryCracker

Tomorrow, you’ll find my EITC-hacking guest post on GoCurryCracker’s website (link). It’s quite an honor to write a guest post on my favorite blogger’s website. Thanks Jeremy! To the curious CrackerHead arriving to this website, welcome! To me, the great irony of personal finance is that there isn’t really much to say about it. You … Read more