2023 FreeTaxUSA is live

The 2023 version of FreeTaxUSA is now live: https://www.freetaxusa.com/ Usual disclaimer: the website’s name makes it sounds like a horrible scam. But it is my favorite tax filing site, found through my favorite resource on the planet for all things personal finance: the Bogleheads forum. How do I use FreeTaxUSA? In November, I take 30 … Read more

We Bought a $40k (net) Tesla Model Y LR

*** Edit 10/6/2023 **** Since publishing this post, Tesla has dropped the MSRP most trims of their Model 3 and Y by $2k. They also reduced the referral bonus from $500 to $250.     *** Original Post *** I discovered my favorite musician, Ben Rector, a few years ago. My wife recently shared with … Read more

2023 Financial Recommendations

A few weeks ago I wrote a deflated post in which I questioned the wisdom of keeping this tiny blog alive. Quite a lot of you responded that I should keep it limping along, so I will. On the topic of what to write about going forward, Ron gave the following suggestion: As a reader, … Read more

Financial Update – Jan 2023

Another month, another update. A few random comments. Good Reads/Listens/Watches The Mitchells vs the Machines (link). Pretty entertaining family movie. I’ve recently become addicted to the music of Ben Rector (link). Old Friends (link). What Makes a Man (link). The Men That Drive Me Places (link). Heroes (link). Brand New (link). Drive (link). Life Due … Read more

2022 Tax Calculator

In my recent FreeTaxUSA post, I announced my retirement from the tax calculator game. However, my retirement was short-lived. Blog reader (and former roommate) Tim convinced me to keep it going.   Download my 2022 model here ========> Download Here <=============   A big thank you to MDM Reader (and one-time guest interviewee) MDM is a wizard … Read more