2021 Tax Calculator

Intro Well, thanks to the $1.9B Coronavirus stimulus bill (#3), there are some pretty major changes to the tax code this year: Child tax credit (temporary changes for 2021 only): Fully refundable this year Phases out at 5% above $150k of income for MFJ, $112.5 for HoH $3,600/kid for ages 0-6 $3,000/kid for ages 7-17 … Read more

International Allocation

Giant Disclaimer While I pretend to vaguely understand some aspects of frugality and the US tax code, I don’t pretend to be an investing guru. In fact, I’m pretty ignorant on the topic. So please take this post with a gain of salt.   Introduction I’ve given some thought recently on the role of international … Read more

Asset Location

First, a note on asset ALlocation I don’t pretend to know what the “right” asset allocation is. I think that anyone who claims to have this superpower is trying to fool you. I’m not smart enough to come up with a very sophisticated answer here, so I just guessed. I hope you are smarter than … Read more