Retirement Savings Seminar

I was voluntold to give a lunchtime seminar in our community on a topic of my choice. I converged on the topic of retirement savings. My slides are downloadable here.

The presentation contains nothing I haven’t already harped on in the blog, of course. I just present the simple case of:
1.) Being frugal
2.) Keeping your taxes low
3.) Keeping your investing costs low

Who knows how the presentation will be received. I feel like these are basic topics, but anyone who takes them seriously will be on track to accumulate well over a million dollars over their careers.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

2 thoughts on “Retirement Savings Seminar”

  1. I’m curious how this went for you. Was it well received? Your presentation seems great, albeit jam-packed with a lot of information and quite a bit of math… which I’ve found tends to make the average person’s eyes glaze over and then they stop listening.

    • It was fairly well received. This presentation (or ones like it) should be required for all college students. The people who showed up were in their 50s & 60s. Not really the ideal target audience to hear the message of “save early and often.”


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