State of the Blog – 2021 Edition

Here’s the third installment in my state-of-the-blog posts:

  • My 2020 edition is here.
  • My 2019 edition is here.


2021 Blog Stats:

  • 382 WordPress / email subscribers
    • 38% growth from last year (298)
  • 317 Feedly subscribers:
    • 10% growth from last year (288)
  • 92,017 pageviews this year (33% less than 2020).
    • 2020 pageviews: 137,594.
    • 2019 pageviews: 78,266.
  • Posts/month: ~2.
  • 2021 Profitability:
    • Amazon affiliate revenue: $54.51
    • Personal capital referral bonuses: $40
    • Blog costs (domain + digitalocean hosting): $84*(1-5.25%) = $79.59
      • $6/month VPS hosting at digitalocean
      • $1/month for domain name at google domains
      • 5.25% cash back for “online” category at BoA
    • Profit (ignoring home internet costs, etc): $14.92
    • Profit/hr (assume 1 hr/post): $0.62.


A few screenshots for the curious

Pageviews by month. My anemic posting schedule this year failed to appease the algorithm gods of Google this year. If I added a trend line on this chart, it would probably slope downwards.


Most popular pageviews during the year 2021.


Traffic sources. I refuse to use social media because it makes me dumber.


Total 2021 Amazon affiliate income.



Geographic dispersion of visitors in 2021. Not terribly informative.


I have 296 YouTube followers. My sheep dog biking video has been viewed 424k times. I remain convinced that this video will be my most lasting legacy on Earth. I feel like I need to apologize to humanity for my contribution to the wormhole of mindless YouTube content. At least I’m not unboxing stuff….



Should you become a financial blogger? Of course! I can think of no more productive use of 12 years of college than making $0.62/hr blogging!!!!

8 thoughts on “State of the Blog – 2021 Edition”

  1. Having a “business” turn a profit it a big accomplishement in my book. Can you 2x your credit card hacking by applying for your business too?

    • It is generous of you to refer to this blog as a “business.” I’m pretty content with my current credit card bonus game. Not sure I care to venture into the world of business cards.

  2. I do enjoy your blog!

    The most amazing statistic among all of these is that you made over 3% of purchase amounts from Amazon….didn’t realize they
    paid so well.

    Happy New Year!


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